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Lockdown Lectures

Our resesarcher's are working hard behind the scenes (at home) to bring us some brand new content on our School of Physical Sciences YouTube channel. We're calling these the Lockdown Lectures and you can check out the full playlist here

Professor Andrew Norton has been teaching us about Gamma Ray Bursts in An Astronomical Detective Story and about variable star populations. Both of these videos are aimed at a similar level, suitable for Physics A-level and University students.

The Lockdown Lectures will cover content for all ages and we will keep it coming. Dr Joanna Barstow, Lecturer in Astronomy, has been working on some videos for children, Alien Story and The Life Cycle of Stars, whilst also providing some more in-depth lectures, like her one on exoplanets (How to be an Exoplanet Detective) and a great science experiment involving chocolate (if you happen to have any left after Easter that is?!) in her video, What went wrong on Venus?. Dr Ashley King has recorded a great introductory lecture on meteorites and asteroids that you can find here and would be great for any GCSE or A-level students thinking about studying geology and/or planetary science in the future, or University students already doing so.

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