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SD2 drilling and sample delivery system

The SD2 sample drilling and delivery system. Copyright SD2 team Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Aerospaziali

SD2 (Sample Drilling and Distribution) is less of an instrument in itself and more of a system to provide some of the other instruments with material for analysis. It contains a drill capable of boring down to 230 mm and collecting samples, a carousel and 26 ovens. The entire system weighs ~ 5 kg.

The principle purpose of SD2 was to provide material for ÇIVA, COSAC and Ptolemy to analyse. The ovens would have been used to heat samples to medium (~ 180ºC) and high (~ 800 ºC) temperatures, providing the gases required for analyses with COSAC and Ptolemy. In the event, only COSAC was able to receive a sample from the system before the primary battery on the lander failed.

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