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Outreach and Education

Rosetta is an inspirational scientific and engineering endeavour that can be used to deliver many areas of the UK National Curriculum at all levels. In association with the National Space Academy, ESERO-UK and many others, this part of the site hosts links to an abundance of educational classroom materials to enable teachers to use Rosetta science and engineering as part of their classroom activities. Check back regularly to see what's new and follow us on @RosettaInTheUK to keep up-to-date.

Catalyst Magazine

Catalyst is a topical magazine that offers features on a wide range of themes from the science curriculum bringing them to life with insights into cutting-edge research and practical applications of complex science in the world around us. Catalyst magazine is aimed mainly at science students aged 14-16. Many of its articles are written by practising research scientists who describe their current work and how they go about it. Other articles have a historical flavour, describing scientific developments from the past.

Here are some articles written about Rosetta for Catalyst

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