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The Rosetta mission can be used to enthuse your pupils about Space in the classroom. Check out the resources on this page to help bring Rosetta alive in your classroom.

To watch some other great Rosetta cartoons, click here!

ESA Teaching Resources

Our Solar System – Journey to other celestial objects | Teach with space PR01

Our Solar System consists of the Sun, eight planets and many smaller bodies called asteroids and comets. This fun and creative research project allows children to discover our closest neighbours in space and develop their communication skills by sharing their work with the class. Download Teacher's guide and pupil activities. Format: Teacher's guide and pupil activities Age range: 8 – 11 years old Subjects: Science, spoken language, reading, writing, art and design.

History of the Universe - Creating timelines | Teach with space PR02

The Universe as we see it today is the result of a series of extraordinary cosmic events. Through a series of activities pupils will learn how to build a timeline and set events to scale by building and comparing the timeline of the history of the Universe with a timeline of their own lives. In addition, students will research to find out more about the events, make a picture or piece of artwork to accompany the information, and share their work with the class. Download Teacher’s guide and pupil activities. Format: Teacher's guide and student activities. Age range: 8 – 12 years old. Subjects: Science, mathematics, literacy, spoken language, writing, art and design.

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