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Delivering full-fibre connectivity broadband in the UK

Despite the growth in fibre deployments across the UK, large parts of the UK continue to be serviced by a combination of copper-based digital subscriber line (DSL) technology, hybrid fibre coax cable technologies in the last mile. Combined with the prohibitively expensive cost of deploying full-fibre connectivity in the last mile (running into billions), regional inequities of demand, the need to sweat existing assets on part of incumbent operators, and market mechanisms relying on end-user's willingness to pay for the cost of fibre deployment are some of the contributing factors.

The aim of this project would be to understand the existing state-of-play of broadband connectivity in the UK. By examining the market players and their broadband strategies, the research would seek to identify possible drivers and barriers to delivering full-fibre connectivity across the UK. The aim would be to generate a roadmap for possible long-term market mechanisms to deliver end-to-end fibre connectivity in the UK.

Relevant references for this work include:

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