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Research in the School of Computing and Communications is committed to Integrating technology effectively into our lives. We address real problems that matter to a society where computing is increasingly ubiquitous.

Teaching underpinned by research

The Open University doesn’t just teach: it’s a global leader in research and innovation too, with OU research and development ranking in the top third of UK universities. The Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has a long and distinguished record of conducting high quality, internationally leading research. These researchers contribute to our state of the art curriculum material ensuring our teaching is up to date, informed by scientific research.

You can get a flavour of our research from our published research papers.

Meet some of our research students

Julian Harty talks about improving the quality of software, based on analysing how people are using it in the real world.

Akshika Wijesundara talks about his research on stopping breaches of privacy in smart homes.

Director of Research