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Knowledge Exchange

EEES vision for knowledge exchange

To provide a world-class centre for EEES knowledge exchange that empowers scientific citizens, better equipping them to engage with local to global environmental issues.

Our mission for impact

We will embed an ethos of excellence in our knowledge exchange work, encompassing the different ways that EEES staff (academics and professionals) meaningfully interact with stakeholders, user communities and citizens, facilitating engagement over any or all stages of a knowledge exchange process, from issue formulation, the production or co-creation of new knowledge, to knowledge evaluation and sharing.


We are committed to increasing fairness in knowing in how we exchange knowledge through open and engaged practices where EEES academics and professionals meaningfully interact with stakeholders, students, end-users and members of the public to:

  • Deliver excellence in how we plan for, enact and collect evidence of the social and economic impacts derived from knowledge exchange.
  • Support rigorous, responsible and responsive knowledge exchange to involve a more diverse range of people and partners in the development process, building on concepts such as inclusive design and open innovation.
  • Enable under-represented communities and places to engage with EEES knowledge exchange.
  • Ensure that young people have relevant and meaningful opportunities to participate in EEES knowledge exchange, both as the pool of talent from which the next generation of expertise will develop, but also as prospective citizens with a stake in how academic agendas are framed and prioritised.
  • Encourage EEES staff (academics and professionals) to shift the balance of knowledge exchange, from communication of academic work to active participation.
  • Embrace fair and equitable practices in exchanging data, information and knowledge.
  • Value knowledge exchange as an essential part of a successful career in EEES, incentivising, recognising and rewarding excellence.
  • Nurture sustainable working practices with strategic partner organisations, engendering collaborative, cooperative, state-of-the-art approaches.
  • Learn from others and share our challenges and successes with relevant partners, stakeholders, students, end-users and citizens.
Richard Holliman, Knowledge Exchange Lead

Richard Holliman

Knowledge Exchange Lead

Emma Rothero, Knowledge Exchange Manager

Emma Rothero

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager


Supporting students with dyslexia: an academic’s perspective

10% of the population are dyslexic. My name is Dr Anne Jay, and I am dyslexic. Dyslexia brings challenges that have a considerable impact on OU student success. A key struggle for people with dyslexia is written communication.

20th March 2023

Celebrating Graduation in Manchester

On 22 November Professors Clare Warren, Mark Brandon and Richard Holliman, and Dr Barbara Kunz travelled to Manchester for an OU Graduation Ceremony.

29th November 2022

EEES researcher to lead £800k project to improve global climate change predictions

An EEES researcher is leading a new Natural Environmental Research Council-funded project to improve our ability to predict climate change using cutting-edge analysis of fossilised algae molecules. 

15th November 2022
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