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Mr Daniel Loy

Profile summary

Professional biography

Academic History

2023 - present The Open University CENTA-funded DTP project 'Microbial Survival in the Makgadikgadi Basin, Botswana'

2013 - 2014 The University of Essex: MSc Tropical Marine Biology - Independant research project ' The effects of short-term entombment on the recovery of Halophiles'

This project involved the culturing and analysis of halophilic algae, archaea and bacteria under varied salinities and simulated environmental conditions while entombing them within salt crystal, then dissolving to recover them and measure their growth.

2010 - 2013  The University of Hull: BSc (Hons) Coastal Marine Biology - final year project 'A method for recording swimming behaviours of Crangon Crangon'

Professional History

2021 - 2023  The Animal and Plant Health Agency: Scientist Bacteriology Core Capability.

In this role I tackled emerging bacterial disease threats and provides support across the Bacteriology Department. My specific responsibilities include leading 16S rRNA gene-based diagnostics, sequencing for bacterial identification, extraction of DNA for Whole Genome Sequencing and bioinformatic analysis. I have recently become involved in the redesigning the PCR assay for routine Surveillance PCR of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli and I have experience with measuring the conjugation rate of plasmids experimentally and quantifying the rate computationally. I also continued to carry out the role of Bio-archive microbiologist as described below.

2010 - 2021  The Animal and Plant Health Agency: Cell & Tissue Culture Laboratory Manager.

I managed production of purified monoclonal antibodies, cell lines and media to support research in APHA and commercial sales. I managed three members of staff, performed protein production and purification by FPLC and maintained a safe working environment in accordance with COSHH regulations. I assisted in on-site Covid-19 testing in support of the NHS and University studies. I also continued to carry out the role of Bio-archive microbiologist as described below.

2018 - 2020  The Animal and Plant Health Agency: Bio-Archive Microbiologist.

Sole Bio-Archive Microbiologist responsible for curation and maintenance of the APHA central Bacterial archive, storing isolates from Veterinary laboratories around the UK. Duties included growing isolates and identifying them using MALDI-ToF. I also line managed staff and assisted in the curation of the Bovine TB Archive in one of the Containment Level 3 Facilities on site.

2016 - 2018  Public Health England (now UK Health Security Agency): Healthcare Scientist Support Worker.

Duties included processing and culturing submissions to the Microbiology Laboratory, performing quality controls and training new staff. They also included performing MALDI-ToF, qPCR and PCR. Further to this I worked in the CL3 suite testing for and culturing human respiratory samples and was involved in the destruction of Schedule 5 pathogens.