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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

student working on mathematics

The School of Mathematics and Statistics has numerous scholarship projects which underpin the teaching of our mathematics and statistics higher education modules and our support for our students. These projects cover a diverse range of areas, including:

  • developing online assessment systems that suit the needs of our modules;
  • delivering interactive online tutorials, forums and online resources in mathematics and statistics;
  • providing various flexible ways in which students can prepare for their module;
  • exploring ways to enhance the student experience through dedicated mathematics and statistics online resources;
  • understanding what motivates Associate Lecturers and other staff groups in the school; and
  • developing accessible mathematics and statistics material.

The STEM faculty have a scholarship programme, eSTEeM, supporting projects which connect research and pedagogy. Much of the scholarship work within mathematics and statistics is supported through eSTEeM.

Scholarship in the school is informed by research methods in the fields of distance-learning and mathematics education. The mathematics education research group carries out research related to school-age mathematics.