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Education for Sustainable Development Changemakers

Photo of the Education for Sustainable Development Changemakers Team

The Open University (OU) has participated in the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Changemakers programme. This initiative partners students with academics from aligned disciplines to co-create innovative approaches to integrating ESD into our teaching and learning practices.

Running from January to June 2024, the ESD Changemakers programme saw engagement from a significant number of OU staff and students. This programme is closely aligned with OU's ongoing commitment to Responsible Futures (RF), a structured approach to embedding sustainability throughout all aspects of student learning.

Responsible Futures covers:

  • The Formal Curriculum: Undergoes a cyclical validation process to ensure sustainability is a core component.
  • The Informal Curriculum: Includes resources such as those available on our OpenLearn platform.
  • The Subliminal Curriculum: Encompasses all interactions with students, from marketing and enrolment to careers advice and alumni support.

Students Organising for Sustainability UK - LogoThe ESD Changemakers programme is designed to showcase progress on Responsible Futures by partnering with students to identify and enhance sustainability in our curriculum and overall student experience. This initiative not only underscores our commitment to sustainability but also provides a platform for student-led projects that drive meaningful change.

The University recognises the importance of funding student-led sustainability projects and demonstrating evidence of our efforts on our website. This is a crucial step towards a more sustainable future, ensuring that our practices, both in education and beyond, reflect our dedication to responsible and sustainable development.

We will share the final outcomes of this initiative during the summer, highlighting the impactful work and innovative ideas developed by our students and Academic Leads who volunteered for the programme.

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