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Third Parties

This page is for third parties seeking verification of an award of the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) or an Open University validated award only. 

The CNAA was the largest single degree-awarding body in the United Kingdom, operating from 1965-1992. However, not all awards offered by the, then, Polytechnics came under the CNAA (please see our FAQ for common exceptions). The Open University (OU) are able to provide verification of a CNAA award, however we cannot verify transcript information.

We are also able to verify OU validated awards: awards gained by students who have studied an OU validated programme at one of our partner institutions.  We cannot verify transcript information for OU validated awards, nor can we verify awards gained by students who have studied directly with the OU. If your candidate studied directly with the OU, please contact the OU Qualifications Centre via email to

The cost is £60 per verification.  Please read our FAQ carefully before applying.

To make an application:

The usual turnaround time for verifications is 5-7 working days (from receipt of online application/payment and signed Authorisation Form. 

Verifications are sent by email, unless otherwise requested.

Online Application for Third Parties 

Studied directly with the OU

or want to verify an OU award?

Please contact the Qualifications Centre via email to or (third parties)

Please do not apply to via the Validation Partnerships website.

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