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Global Health Media Project

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Global Health Media Project (GHMP)

GHMP produces videos that bring to life distance learning and eHealth content for the training of health workers in low-resource settings. Since eHealth initiatives are largely text-based, the quality of instruction can be significantly improved with multimedia content, particularly in regions where literacy and language are barriers to learning. 

The well-crafted videos follow universal standards of care and are presented in accessible, easy-to-translate language. An emphasis on the “how-to” of health care means they share HEAT's approach and educational goals.

A global health clinician provides technical direction throughout production, from scripting through final editing, and the videos fill an important gap in the training of frontline health workers by combining:

  • authenticity – videos are filmed on-location in developing countries
  • clear step-by-step instructions
  • close-ups to increase explanatory power and impact
  • voiceover to allow narration in many languages.

More than 35 videos are being produced on best practices for newborn care in resource-limited settings. The first ten, released in July 2012, have been watched in over 160 countries, with more than 5,000 copies downloaded by members of WHO, UNICEF, Save the Children, Health Ministries, teaching institutions, and NGOs both large and small. They are included in the WHO Reproductive Health Library and featured on Save the Children's Healthy Newborn Network. Currently available in English and Spanish, versions in Swahili and French are also being prepared.

Six new videos, which combine footage from India and Nigeria, have just been completed and are available for download on the GHMP website

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