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The Beyond the Frame and Making Britain project team have produced a number of publications deriving from the projects' research.

Now published:

Asian Britain: A Photographic Historyauthored by Susheila Nasta with Florian Stadtler, vividly charts Britain's process of coming to terms with the historic realities of its culturally diverse past and present. This photographic history was published in October 2013 by Westbourne Press.

India in Britain: South Asian Networks and Connections, 1858-1950, edited by Susheila Nasta, traces the often hidden lines of Indian-British connection which took place on British soil during the period 1858-1950. Moving away from orthodox narratives of the Raj and the British presence in India, this book exposes a differently-contoured landscape, drawing attention to the significance of the many networks and connections that South Asians themselves established on British soil. For more information, please visit the Palgrave Macmillan website.

South Asians and the Shaping Britain, 1870-1950: A Sourcebook, edited by Ruvani Ranasinha, with Rehana Ahmed, Sumita Mukherjee and Florian Stadtler, is an anthology of primary material featuring a wide range of official and non-official archival sources. It identifies four key areas of South Asian impact – minority rights, war, culture and reception, and representation. Please visit the Manchester University Press website for further information and follow this link for a review of the book by Sarfraz Manzoor.

‘Britain and India: Cross-cultural encounters’, Special Issue of Wasafiri: The Magazine of International Contemporary Writing, guest edited by Florian Stadtler (June 2012), is a ‘retro’ issue which brings to renewed attention fiction and poetry by South Asian writers publishing in the dynamic publishing scene of 1930/40s Britain. The issue is complemented by a wide range of articles and reviews. For further information about this issue, please follow this link.

South Asian Resistances in Britain, 1858-1947, edited by Rehana Ahmed and Sumita Mukherjee, is a set of nine essays that discuss the ways in which South Asians in Britain were engaged in a variety of 'resistances' during the modern imperial age. The contributors to the volume are: Rehana Ahmed, Antoinette Burton, Sumita Mukherjee, Susheila Nasta, Kate O'Malley, Florian Stadtler, Laura Tabili, Alex Tickell, A. Martin Wainwright, and Georgie Wemys. For more information please visit the Continuum website.

Beyond the Frame: Indian British Connections was funded by the AHRC (2011-12)

Arts & Humanities Research Council
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