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Beyond the Frame partnered with the British Library and the British Council, to tour a facsimile panel exhibition ‘Beyond the Frame: India in Britain, 1858-1950’ in seven cities in India between 2011 and 2012. Profiling the extensive influence of the early South Asian presence in Britain from the period of the Raj to the early years of Independence, the exhibition drew attention to this history’s on going relevance to British-Indian relations today. Positioned to create productive platforms for knowledge exchange, the exhibition opened dynamic global pathways for cultural dialogue and public engagement.

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As well as the toured exhibition to India, a UK exhibition was launched at the major international conference 'Bharat Britain: South Asians Making Britain' at the British Library in September 2010. This exhibition visited regional venues across the UK from 2010 to 2012, and was extended from the original Making Britain project and exhibition, which was entitled ‘South Asians Making Britain, 1858-1950’.

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Beyond the Frame: Indian British Connections was funded by the AHRC (2011-12)

Arts & Humanities Research Council
The British Library
British Council

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