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Conference, Seminar Papers & Speeches, Bibliography, Nollywood Project

ADAMU Abdalla Uba
, Nov 15 Enter the dragon: Shari’a, popular culture and film censorship in Northern Nigeria, Lecture, University of Cologne

ADEOTI, Gbemisola
, 19 September Nollywood and Literary/Performance Studies in Nigerian Universities : A Case for School-to-Street Connection, Paper for the 5th Globelics Conference, Saratov, Russia (Conference paper)

AJIBADE Babson Popular Videos: A visual resource for social contexts of 2005,
2005, Sept 18-21, education in Africa and beyond,Oxford, 9th RAI 
International Film Festival ‘Looking Back, looking Forward’
2005, June 29-July 2, contesting identities in contemporary Nigerian film, first Eurpopean Conference of African Studies, SOAS, London

, June 8-9 Fabu-lous Stories: from Tender Romance to Horryfying Sex, “Modes of Seeing & the Video Film in Africa” Workshop, University of Bayreuth

HAYNES Jonathan
, November Cultural Epics: a Nigerian Video Genre, African Studies Association Annual Meeting, Washington DC
1999, November Money Rituals in Nigerian Video Films, African Studies Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia PA

KRINGS Matthias
, March 30 Africa shoots back: popular video films between the local & the global, round table discussion, DAAS Burö, Nairobi
2004, Dec 16 Bollywood in Afrika. Mediale transfers und populäre videos in Nigeria, Afrika Colloquium, Institut für Historische Ethnologie, Frankfurt

February 10, Nigerianische Komödien als Allegorien für kulturelle Transofmrationen, Conference paper at 6th Forum of African Studies, Zürich (Switzerland). 
2006, November 30, The pirates of Nollywood, Presentation Terminus Hotel in Bergen (Norway) on invitation by the Norweigan Sociological Association.
2006, October 30, The Nigerian video industry as an example of import substitution. Seminar at Sociological Institute University of Bergen (Norway).

MEYER Birgit
, February Blood Money: On the Attraction of Nigerian Movies in Ghana, Conference on Religion & the Media in Nigeria, SOAS
NNEBUE Kenneth
1997, April Production & Distribution of Video Films: an Aletrmnative to Cine Films, “Nigerian Film & Video” Workshop, Kaduna

NNEBUE Kenneth
, April, Production & Distribution of Video Films: an Aletrmnative to Cine Films, “Nigerian Film & Video” Workshop, Kaduna

, July Film as National Patrimony. A presentation to the Honourable Minister of Information & National Orientation on the Occasion of the Stakeholders Consultative Retreat, Lagos 
2005, July Festival, 5th Lagos International Forum on Motion Picture, Cinema & Video in Africa, Lagos

, June 9 Celebrating 25 Years of the Durban International Film Festival, exhibition, Kwa Muhle Museum, Lagos