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Colonial and Postcolonial Conflict Research Group


This project aims to produce revisions of our understandings of colonial and postcolonial conflicts, particularly by increasing knowledge, and use of, non-European sources.  Specific areas of interest to participants include states of terror, people’s and insurgent perspectives on conflict, counterinsurgency practice, the role of religion in these conflicts, and negotiation.


Empires and their Hostile Populations
Friday 12 Septemer 2014
Senate House, University of London

Institute of Commonwealth Studies-Ferguson Centre joint workshop

Featuring papers on Kenya (postcolonial use of resettlement versus disturbances on the northern frontier), Malaya, Ireland, Afgahanistan, Algerian population control, British central policy, and comparative.

Ferguson Centre members Karl Hack (population control), William Sheehan (Ireland) and Hugh Beattie (Afghanistan) will be giving papers, with other speakers coming from the UK and France.

'The British way in Counterinsurgency', BBC Radio 4 interview, 2013

Karl Hack was an interviewee on BBC Radio 4's, 'The British way in Counterinsurancy', episode of Fergal Keane's Terror Through Time series (15 October 2013).  Available for one year from broadcast on the BBC iplayer.

Karl Hack (ed.), Special Issue on 'Negotiating with the enemy', Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 39, 4 (2009), featuring articles from nineteenth century Waziristan to contemporary Afghanistan and Northern Ireland. Hack also delivered talks on Southeast Asia during 2011 at the Universities of London, Lisbon and New York.

Karl Hack interviewed by Octavian Manea, 'Setting the Record Straight on the Malayan Emergency', Small Wars Journal (February 2011), Small Wars Journal website, with associated Small Wars Journal blog.

Karl Hack, 'Extracting counterinsurgency lessons: Afghanistan and Malaya, at the RUSI website (Autumn 2009).