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Publications, Conflict and Postcolonial Conflict Group

Karl Hack

'The Malayan Emergency as counterinsurgency paradigm', Journal of Strategic Studies 32, 2 (June 2009): 383-414; 'Extracting counterinsurgency lessons: Afghanistan and Malaya, at the RUSI website (Autumn 2009); with Geoff Wade (eds.), 'Asian Cold War Symposium', Special Edition of the Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 40, 3 (October 2009); and with Philip Murphy (eds.), Special edition of the Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth Studies on 'Negotiating with the enemy' (forthcoming 2011).

Georgina Sinclair

Has published Home and Away'; the Cross Fertilisation between ‘Colonial' and ‘British' Policing, 1921-1985' Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, Vol. 35 No. 2 (June 2007) pp. 221-238. Sinclair and Chris Williams have an ESRC grant to research global policing.

William Sheehan

Is Associate Lecturer (Ireland Region) on the Open University's A326 Empire course. His research is into insurgency and counterinsurgency. He has published British Voices: From the Irish War of Independence 1918-1921 (2007) Hearts & Mines: The British 5th Division, Ireland, 1920-1922 (2009), and Fighting for Dublin: The British Battle for Dublin 1919-1921 (2007). His next book will be A Hard Local War: The British Army and the Guerrilla War in Ireland 1919-1921 (forthcoming 2011).

Hugh Beattie

Is the author of Imperial Frontier: Tribe and State in Waziristan (2002). He gave a paper at the Ferguson-ICS conference on 'Negotiating with the enemy' in September 2010, which will be published in the Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History (forthcoming 2011). His next book is Empire and Tribe in the Afghan Frontier Region: Custom, Conflict and British Strategy in Waziristan (forthcoming 2012).

Richard Duckett

Is a doctoral student under Drs Hack and Mombauer, researching 'Special Operation Executive in Burma, 1941-1945'.