Gallery, Managing Heritage Project

Visual culture is an important part of people’s heritage. On these pages, we show images of heritage activities involving our former Kenyan partner groups.

Collaborative photography was one of our research methods. This involves giving cameras to informants, so that they can document their own activities and record what is important to them in their home and local environments. It enables local people to participate more fully in the research process.

Please follow these links for photos:

  • Mekatilili: local heroine
  • Lari exchange visit
  • Olosh-oibor Cultural Show 2008
  • Project Flickr page   The project created a flickr account to host some of the photos taken by project participants. The idea was to enable community groups to access the photos more easily. We wanted to share the fruits of the research with Kenyan citizens who took part in it, and this was one way of doing so.  It is also a way of opening up the subject matter to a wider global community.