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Case study 2 – The Urswick Church of England School in Hackney

Building on History- School Project Summary

Case study 2 – The Urswick Church of England School in Hackney

It was brilliant interviewing the former students and finding out about the lessons they had, it was great looking at their exercise books which they had kept since the 1950’s

(year 8 pupil)

In the autumn term of 2012, 17 students of 11 -14 years from Urswick School worked with the Building on History team on a project that explored the rich history of their school and its connection with the Hackney Parish since 1520. The project included two workshops. The first workshop involved historical research on the link between the school and the Parish of Hackney, including a fieldtrip to the St John at Hackney Church and Churchyard. In the second workshop, students developed an oral history project to learn more from first-hand accounts from teachers and former students about what the school was actually like in the past, and to assess how school experiences have changed over the years. Students also interviewed Professor Humayun Ansari of the Building on History team about what it was like to be a Muslim in 1960’s London. 

See links below for more details and learning resources. See also the Urswick School website.

Workshop 1: introducing students to the idea of historical exploration

Workshop 2: how to develop an oral history project and produce questions in preparation for an interview


Urswick School - workshop photo

Mr Marlon Chetty, History Teacher - Feedback and outcomes:

I really liked the workshops because it helped me to understand how the school has changed from 1522-2013.

(year 7 pupil)

The project was a huge success and helped to raise student awareness of their school’s history and local community.

The students found the experience enriching and it gave them a whole new perspective on school life as well as an appreciation of their wonderful new school building which was completed in 2011.

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