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Learning Design

Design group session

Learning Design at The Open University

The Open University has followed a standardised methodology for Learning Design for 10 years.

This approach was developed by a team of experts as part of a JISC-funded project and has evolved over time to incorporate research from Open University academics and now comprises a full end-to-end design and evaluation process used for all new Open University curriculum.

What do we offer externally?

We have three distinct workshops we can run for clients, and we can also deliver bespoke sessions if required. Below is a summary of the standard workshops, which are described in more depth in our brochure.

  • Learning Design workshop
    • This will use our core OU workshop techniques to help you map out and design your curriculum at a high level and to develop profiles of your learners. In doing this, your staff will engage in active participation in typical OU Learning Design workshop approaches, facilitated by a fully-trained OU Learning Designer.
  • Train the trainer
    • This workshop is similar to the first, but will include key points during the workshop to act as training for your staff and provide them with a hands-on opportunity to develop themselves as Learning Design workshop facilitators within your context.
  • Evaluation using data
    • This uses our research-based Analytics4Action framework as a model for you to start to use learning analytics to inform evidence-based changes to live curriculum.

Each of the workshops above can be customised to suit your context, and your Learning Designer will work with you to agree the plan for the workshop.

Further information

Blog: Learning Design

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