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Licensing and Validation

The OU has extensive experience of accrediting institutions to offer programmes leading to an OU-validated award.

Key benefits

  • Elevate the credibility of your programmes by offering UK accredited programmes respected worldwide for quality, recognition and employability
  • Gain a competitive advantage to grow your student recruitment
  • Own the development and delivery of your programmes so you can be specific to market and learner needs
  • Have control of your choices and be able to leverage and scale your own capacity and capability to deliver

Benefit from flexible commercial arrangements that limit your risk exposure while enabling scalable growth. We can also discuss the value added benefit of incorporating OU content into your programmes to create distinctive and high quality course options.

Allow us to learn more about your specific requirements and how we can help you.

Learn more about our successful licensing and validation partnerships:

Allow us to learn more about your specific requirements

Speak to our business team by Skype, phone or email to find out how we can help you.

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