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CPRL goes to Corvinus University in Budapest

CPRL was well-represented at the recent conference of the International Research Society on Public Management, with a panel of papers on policing and public management and some presentations on co-production in public services, on public leadership and on valuing public innovation. 

Elke Loeffler, Nicky Miller, Jean Hartley and Fidele Mutwarisibo orchestrated these contributions from the Open University.  We worked on the policing panel with Eckhard Schroeter of the German University of the Police.  Papers in the panel on policing included analyses of police education in the UK and in Germany (with some thoughts about future comparative research); about the policing of drug lands in Brazil, police identity and shame in the context of negative police perceptions in France and enhancing citizen trust in the Netherlands among other papers.

In addition, Elke (our very own Director of Strategic Partnerships) was elected as a member of the IRSPM committee, further enhancing links between policing and public management for the future.  This role will enable Elke to raise the strategic profile of CPRL and the Business School internationally, while sharing IRPSM activities with academics in CPRL and across the OU, as well as with the thousands of UK policy-makers and public service managers who have been associated with its programmes.

CPRL is increasingly shaping international public management conferences through its policing panels. 

The next conference we are involved in is the European Group on Public Administration (EGPA) which is being held in Zagreb, Croatia in September.  


Conference flyer, 5-8 September 2023

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