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Members' area

Centre membership provides many additional benefits to policing partners including:

  • guiding and shaping the programme of work
  • close engagement in research
  • piloting new initiatives
  • access to early research findings before they reach the wider police service
  • preferential booking of workshops and peer learning visits
  • sharing learning across the network of police forces and agencies

The Centre works in a highly collaborative way with a partnership of 24 policing agencies with the Members' area is only available to member personnel. The aim of the area is to facilitate communication and dissemination of information to our policing partners, so they are encouraged to download and share content with their colleagues, however, it must not be passed to non-member agencies.

The area is currently available via SharePoint online/Microsoft Office 365 which means that if your workplace uses Microsoft Office 365 you should be able to access and use the area by clicking on the Centre Members area link below. If your workplace is not using Office 365, you can create a free Microsoft account using your work email. Just click on the link below and sign in using your work email and Microsoft will create a link to give you access. If you have any queries or you would like access please email us.

Centre Members' area


Government backs new pet abduction law in pet theft crackdown

A new criminal offence for pet abduction has taken a significant step forward on 19 January 2024 with the announcement of government backing for new legislation. 


8th February 2024
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