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Welcome to Dr Shoshana Gander-Zaucker who joins the policing team

Dr Shoshana Gander-Zaucker recently joined the policing team here at the OU as a Research Associate. We have asked Shana to write a small piece about herself and the work she will be doing here:

I joined the OU as a Research Associate in October 2023. I am working with Dr Anna Hopkins and Dr Shona Morrison on a project which focuses on the use of evidence-led prosecutions (ELPs) in domestic abuse cases. More specifically, by conducting interviews and focus groups we are hoping to learn more about how victims of domestic abuse experience ELPs, how police officers investigate them and what challenges they face, as well as the decision making of CPS prosecutors in prosecuting ELPs. I was attracted to this role as we are hoping that this project will have practical impacts on the policy and practices of using ELPs in domestic abuse cases. In addition, it is an excellent continuation to my PhD work.

I completed my PhD at the University of Birmingham. It focused on an innovative project which aimed to improve services for domestic abuse survivors and their service-providers from the police and the domestic abuse organizations. It engaged survivors, police employees, and Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs) in an experience-based co-design (EBCD) process. EBCD is a collaborative approach to service improvement which aims to ameliorate service-users’ and service-providers’ experience of a service. Although the approach is widely used in healthcare, I was the first to use it in a policing context with victims. The action plans generated from my PhD work were included in the Regional Strategic Plan for Domestic Violence.

Following my PhD, I worked as a Research Associate at Aston University. This project was in collaboration with NHS England and aimed to pilot the implementation of interventions designed to improve staff wellbeing working in Paediatric Critical Care units across the UK. It specifically focused on the feasibility and acceptability of delivering these interventions.

Prior to my PhD, I completed a MA in Mental Health Counselling and a MA in Special Education. I have worked in various clinical and educational settings, including as a module lead and program supervisor. I have gained these experiences in the UK as well as abroad including in the United States.   

I look forward to my time working in CPRL, working with the partner forces, and learning more about the other research projects taking place at the OU.

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