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Walking challenge 2023 (13th to 17th) of March

Well done to everyone that participated in our walking challenge, 378,577 steps were logged by the 26 recorded participants. Walking is an excellent way of keeping fit and contributes immensely towards a strong and healthy mind. Walking also supports a “greener environment” so well done and thank you all participants for giving it a go. Those that have won in the prize draw have been contacted and we hope that you continue to carry on walking wherever possible.

The benefits of walking include:

  • Staying healthy – can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease

  • Physical health – burns more fat than jogging and is a great way to tone your legs
  • Boosts endorphins – helps to keep the mind heathy and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression
  • It’s green – contribute to a reduction in air pollution - every 2000 steps saves the emission of 1gram of carbon from a vehicle
  • Free and easy – it is the most accessible form of physical activity

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