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Travel Advice and Information

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Travel Advice provide information and advice for staff and visitors. We provide information and advice on travelling to University premises by different types of transport and University initiatives for example, greener travel. 

The Open University promotes principles of sustainability, environmental and social justice in their broadest sense. We define sustainability as meeting our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The UN Sustainable Development Goals express sustainability in the context of social, environmental, economic, global and future wellbeing.

We acknowledge the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations, including the goods and services we procure, our travel, our estate and our finance policies. We are committed to achieving ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, through a programme of investment and measures to reduce and mitigate the adverse environmental impact of our activities.

To find out more about sustainability please look to our Sustainability at the OU page Sustainability at The Open University

For staff: These pages are for local travel information, if you are travelling internationally please go to International Travel (


Travel Plan

Please note the Travel Plan is currently being reviewed under the Sustainability Groups and Estates.

Our policy is contained in the University Travel Plan which is central to the role of an institution in reducing traffic congestion, accidents and the environmental impacts of the transport activities of their staff, customers and visitors.

Travel Advice News

Good news for bus users from 4 September

9/9A is going and being replaced by the hourly 150 which should give a much better service, both in terms of frequency and hours of operation, and also punctuality as we know the current solution has been problematic.

The F70/F77 diverting past the OU once a day in each direction will stay for the moment but will likely end in October as part of wider changes to those services at the Luton/Dunstable end of the route; the link from campus to Leighton Buzzard will continue to be provided by the 150.

Below is the new timetable and a link to the online timetable.

29th August 2023

Annual Cycling Event participation

Well done to everyone that participated in our Annual Cycling Event, 484.89 km were logged by the 41 recorded participants (more than last year).  Cycling is an excellent way of keeping fit and contributes immensely towards a strong and healthy mind. Cycling also supports a “greener environment” so well done and thank you all participants for giving it a go.  Those that have won in the prize draw have been contacted and we hope that you continue to carry on cycling wherever possible.

The benefits of cycling include:  

12th July 2023
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