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Journeys to and from Cardiff

Custom House one way street access

As there are potentially a number of journeys that will be taking place, to and from the Cardiff office in the near future, please could drivers that will be completing this journey take note of the information below, and the diagram attached, to assist with the one-way system in and around the area of the Cardiff office to prevent the inadvertent issuing of a penalty charge notice from Cardiff Council.



When approaching, follow the red route around the one-way system to reach our car park (which involves using the bus lane on Custom House Street).  Do not go straight across from the A4160 directly onto Custom House Street at the traffic lights or you will get a ticket.


When leaving our carpark, follow the green route ie turn right out of the car park back the way you came. If you turn left towards St Mary St, you will get a ticket as you’ll be in a bus lane.  Your options at the traffic lights crossroads are to then go straight across onto A4160 or turn right onto Bute Street. 


If our carpark is full, you can pay to park in the Marriott hotel multi storey carpark opposite our building.  To get to this, follow the red route to Callaghan Square, then follow the dotted blue line up St Mary’s Street from the roundabout and turn right onto Mill Lane to the entrance of the carpark.  You must not use Custom House Street to get to the Marriott carpark or you will get a ticket as this is a bus lane only (apart from the one-way dispensation for vehicles to specifically access our carpark only).


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