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Inclusive Innovation and Development

How can children in low- and middle-income contexts learn more easily when English is the medium of instruction?

There has been a strong push towards universal primary education. But can we make it easier for children to understand in lessons?

27 November 2017, 16:39

Refugee – host relations: the building of peace through everyday interaction

Settling refugees requires land and can put pressure on local services and resources. If these have to be diverted from, or shared with, the surrounding host communities it can create competition and tension – but does this necessarily create conflict?
3 October 2017, 21:14
Women's association in Ecuador image

Inclusive Development in South America - Alex Borda-Rodriguez

How important have social and solidarity economy organisations been to marginalised populations in gaining both agency and a voice?

16 June 2017, 14:19
Access Denied image

African Governments vs Social Media: Why the Uneasy Relationship? - Charlotte Cross

There's a need to ensure social media isn't used to incite violence, but can governments also be prevented from restricting citizens' rights?


10 March 2017, 10:44
A hybrid-modelling framework model image

Spatial Models and Wicked Problems - Belinda Wu

How might spatial models and analyses help overcome longstanding issues related to development?


30 December 2016, 09:33
Mwanza, Tanzania image

Tanzania's Social Media Policing Increases Risks of Government Abuse - Charlotte Cross

Rather than fraud, the biggest cyber security concern for many Tanzanians is the risk of inadvertently becoming a perpetrator of politically-defined cybercrime.

2 November 2016, 15:42
Theo Papaioannou

Low-Cost Technologies and Inclusivity - Theo Papaioannou

Theo Papaionnou argues that inclusiveness is a multi-dimensional concept and that some basic needs cannot be met by 'low cost' or 'low tech' innovations.


2 September 2015, 15:58
David Botchie image

Comparative Analysis of Asian Driver and Western Garment-Making Machines: A Case of the Garment Sector in Uganda - David Botchie

A case study by David Botchie reveals that using technology from China and India can increase output and create jobs and small-scale enterprises in Uganda.

2 September 2015, 15:53
Andrew Agyei-Holmes image

Tilling the Soil in Tanzania: What Do Emerging Economies Have to Offer? - Andrew Agyei-Holmes

Could emerging-economy farm machinery help poor farmers in Tanzania increase output and incomes? Andrew Agyei-Holmes examines the evidence.


2 September 2015, 15:51
Richmond Atta-Ankomah

China's Presence in Developing Countries' Technology Basket: The Case of Furniture Manufacturing in Kenya - Richmond Atta-Ankomah

Could low-cost technologies from China help reduce inequality in Kenya? Richmond Atta-Ankomah’s research suggests they might.


2 September 2015, 15:48

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