ORDO: system information

ORDO is based upon the Figshare platform which uses Amazon AWS, with multiple servers in different locations in Europe. There are daily backups of data stored on Figshare servers; backups are kept for 5 days. Weekly snapshots of the entire data system are taken.

Key features

  • Easy to use: upload prepared research data in under 5 minutes
  • Comprehensive: wide range of supported file types and online access anywhere. Uploaded data may be viewed within the browser without the need for specialist software or file download
  • Access control: set access restrictions on sensitive data, or time delays for embargoed publications
  • Citability: ORDO provides a permanent web link (DOI) and citation details to link directly to supporting research data from published papers, ensuring you get credit for your work
  • 100% data security

Policies on the use of ORDO

  • ORDO research data management policy¬†explains the terms of use of ORDO when working with live research data, and for depositing archival data for preservation and publication
  • ORDO depositor agreement¬†explains the terms which depositors agree to, upon deposit of their research data in ORDO.

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