Library transcripts

For every video we produce, we also create a transcript of the audio. This is part of our commitment to ensuring all our digital content is as accessible as possible, and also helps us meet digital accessibility regulations. These transcripts are a faithful representation of the audio in the videos, covering a wide variety of topics related to using our Library.


Transcript - The why and how of referencing

Explore why referencing is important, what you should be referencing, where to find referencing style guides, and how to construct references.

Transcript - Reference management tools - an introduction

Learn more about how reference management tools work, including the benefits and risks, and how they can be used with Library resources.

Transcript - Managing your digital footprint

Discover what your digital footprint is, how to manage it, and how to conduct yourself in a professional way online.

Transcript - Assessing the reliability of information for your assignment

Find out how to build a framework for assessing the reliability and usefulness of information.

Transcript - Using Library Search for your assignment

Discover how to use Library Search to explore particular topics and find specific items.

Transcript - How to use Cite Them Right

Find out everything you need to know about using Cite Them Right for your referencing.

Transcript - Improving your experience accessing online resources

Learn more about the different text formats we have, and the adjusments that can improve your online expereince. Plus, discover SensusAccess.

Transcript - How to do a literature search for level 3 and postgraduate Business students

Find out how to carry out a search strategy and identify relevant sources, and learn more about referencing in general.

Transcript - The why and how of referencing (using OU Harvard)

Explore why referencing is important, what you should reference, and how to construct references.

Transcript - The Why and How of Referencing using Cite Them Right

Find out everything you need to know about using Cite Them Right for you referencing.

Transcript - Introduction to Library Services

Learn about the online library, how to find help and support, and how to access key services to help with your studies or work at the OU.

Transcript - Exploring Ebooks

There are over 400,000 ebooks available in the OU Library. This 30 minute session will introduce you to accessing and using ebooks, including encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Transcript - Smarter searching with library databases

Discover why you would want to use a database, rather than a broader search tool such as Library Search, for finding resources.