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I am having problems accessing a resource via Athens.

To access resources that the Open University subscribes to through the online library, all you need is your Open University computer username (OUCU) and password. You don’t need to create a separate Athens login unless you want to access material that the Open University does not subscribe to.

If an OpenAthens page appears asking you to log in with an OpenAthens username and password:

  1. Ignore the 'Sign in with an OpenAthens account' option and choose 'Find your institution'.
  2. Enter 'Open University' into the 'Type the name of your institution' box and select the search icon (a magnifying glass).
  3. The search will return a '3 institutions found' message and display three links. Select the 'Open University' link.
  4. A 'Sign into the OU website' page may now appear. Log in using your Open University computer username and password.