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Writings on law, pro bono and social justice 

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Migrant Rights - how public legal education can help raise awareness.

Siobhan Cullen, in this blog written for Pro Bono Week 2023 writes about a recent pro bono Street Law project delivered in collaboration with ATU (Atlantic Technological University) aimed at raising awareness of migrant rights with secondary school children.

9th November 2023
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Pro bono work and the benefits of online delivery

Siobhan Cullen, in this blog written for Pro Bono Week 2023 writes about a recent pro bono project delivered in collaboration with Donegal Women’s Centre which demonstrated the very real advantages of online or virtual public legal information clinics in comparison with in-person clinic.

8th November 2023
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“I can’t do pro bono work”

In this blog written for Pro Bono Week 2023, senior lecturer-in-law Liz Hardie poses the question, "how should we respond when students or lawyers say they cannot carry out pro bono work?"

3rd November 2023
Francine Ryan

Pro bono publico: for the public good

In this blog, Francine Ryan, Senior Lecturer in Law, and Director of the Open Justice Centre discusses Pro Bono Week 2023.

3rd November 2023
Heavy snowfall, Braemar, Scotland

From Classroom to Courtroom: Law Students' Front-Row Seat to Justice

During the snowy winter weather in early 2023 sixteen intrepid Scottish OU law students braved the elements to travel to their local Sheriff Court to witness justice happening in action in the criminal courts. Senior Lecturer in Law and Open Justice team member Liz Hardie writes about why they were there and the impact their visits had in this new blog.

13th September 2023
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How has participation in the Criminal Justice Clinic changed my understanding of the value of pro bono work?

Next in our summer series of blog posts, recent graduate Angharad Butler shares how participation in the Criminal Justice Clinic changed her understanding of the value of pro bono work.

31st August 2023
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The Realities of Nuisance

In the first of a summer series of blog posts our recent graduates share how their understanding of the value of pro bono legal work has developed in light of their participation in the Open Justice activities of the past year. The first blog is by Swati Koetcha.

23rd August 2023
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How virtual reality is being introduced into the Scottish legal system

Open Justice Centre Intern Teah Zdanowicz writes about the Scottish Government's new project to use virtual reality technology in courts.

12th July 2023

What is vicarious trauma?

'Justice in action' student Diane Bespalyi investigates further into vicarious trauma after being involved in our criminal justice clinic project.

19th June 2023
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Should I stay or should I go...or should I go to Rwanda?

Current Law student Amy Klosek writes about the recent Street Law workshops delivered to secondary school pupils in Ireland. 

15th June 2023

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