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Women’s rights and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has not created a new crisis for women’s rights, and for the eradication of all forms of violence against women (VAW), but has instead, exacerbated an already difficult situation in which incidences of VAW – off and online were increasing.

18th July 2020

Scots Hate Crime Bill: A Missed (Gender) Opportunity?

Gender is far from being a ‘new consideration’, especially in the context of hate crime framework, and this long overdue inclusion has – once again – been ignored.

1st May 2020

Online harms and Caroline’s Law – what’s the direction for the law reform?

Whilst the proposals for law reform addressing online harms and online abuse are most welcome, the current efforts still represent an incredibly fragmented and selective approach. 

13th April 2020

Why misogyny and hate crime reforms need more than slick campaigns

Wolf-whistling, catcalling and groping make up just some of the intimidating behaviour that women experience every day from men. But there is an attempt underway in the UK parliament that seeks to protect women from this kind of “acceptable” misogyny.

26th March 2020

Gendered Misinformation & Online Violence Against Women in Politics: Capturing legal responsibility?

Research has shown that there is a correlation between the spread of misinformation relating to the roles, campaigns, beliefs, and actions of women in politics, and the harassment, and abuse which is received as a result.

18th March 2020

Misogynistic Harassment: Advancing Scots Criminal Law?

Protection for all women from abuse, harassment, and threatening behaviours should be a legislative priority and must be forthcoming. The creation of an offence of misogynistic harassment has the potential to mark a significant step in the right direction.

27th January 2020

Online Violence Against Women: addressing the responsibility gap?

The Internet is a place without challenge nor disruption, and increasingly instances of online abuse and harassment are targeted at women. Little has been done to address the issue, both at a domestic and international level, but also by the platforms themselves.

23rd August 2019

Violence Against Women in Politics (#VAWP) – The Antithesis of (Online) Equality

Despite the growing scale of online abuse on social media platforms, there have been only very limited efforts made by the police to respond to such forms of harassment, and – effectively or otherwise – recognize the potential offence, or take it seriously.

10th May 2019


Upset female using smartphone.

OU research reveals shocking level of online violence experienced by women and girls across the UK

Professor of Law at The Open University Law School, Olga Jurasz, has led the UK’s largest ever study into societal attitudes and experiences of online violence against women and girls (OVAWG) across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is the first report of its kind which surveyed 7,500 adults over the age of 16 in February 2023, via YouGov, providing an insight into the societal attitudes of both men and women, and the lived experiences of women and girls across the four nations.

13th September 2023
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