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The Observatory is actively producing research, adding much-needed knowledge in this area


Violence Against Women, Hate and Law: Perspectives from Contemporary Scotland

Given the current upsurge in the abuse of women, this book offers a holistic assessment of the phenomenon of VAW and makes the case for pressing law reform in Scotland, specifically for legal protections against VAW and OVAW to be included within Scots Law. The book contains not only research findings but also makes practical recommendations for law and policy reform in the areas of hate crime, VAW and OVAW.

Palgrave Hate Studies, July 2022

Online Misogyny as Hate Crime: A Challenge for Legal Regulation?

The ideal of an inclusive and participatory Internet has been undermined by the rise of misogynistic abuse on social media platforms. However, limited progress has been made at national – and to an extent European – levels in addressing this issue.

This book advances a compelling argument for legal changes to the existing hate crime, and communications legislation.

Available open access, Routledge, 2019


The latest 20 publications are listed below. Please note that some of the latest work may still be in production.

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Upset female using smartphone.

OU research reveals shocking level of online violence experienced by women and girls across the UK

Professor of Law at The Open University Law School, Olga Jurasz, has led the UK’s largest ever study into societal attitudes and experiences of online violence against women and girls (OVAWG) across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is the first report of its kind which surveyed 7,500 adults over the age of 16 in February 2023, via YouGov, providing an insight into the societal attitudes of both men and women, and the lived experiences of women and girls across the four nations.

13th September 2023
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