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Dissemination and Media Strategy

The Enduring Love? project aims to advance knowledge on how couples experience and sustain long-term relationships. In particular, we are focusing on the diverse meanings, everyday practices and lived experiences of long-term relationships and examining differences across generations, between men and women, and the impact of living with and without children.

As such we have identified that the study will have three main audiences: academic, policy and professional practice, and public. These audiences cut across local, national and international markets. Our aim is to engage with and address these audiences and markets using a carefully targeted and effectively timed dissemination and media strategy. We are currently developing a proactive approach to media interest, drawing on the expertise of our media strategy team, in particular Susan Quilliam and Meg Barker.

For all media enquiries or if you would like to know more about our dissemination and media strategy, please contact us.

Dissemination and Media Strategy Team

Susan Quilliam

Susan Quilliam

Susan is a relationship expert with a particular commitment to exploring and enhancing intimate partnerships. She is the writer of 21 books on relationships published in 33 countries and 24 languages, including her rewriting of the classic book The Joy of Sex. She also regularly comments on relationships for the print, broadcast, television and online media worldwide.

Susan's career currently spans working as an advice columnist and coach; facilitating workshops and seminars both for the public and for health and education professionals; advising, campaigning and writing for several organisations including the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Health, the Sexual Advice Association and the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists. She is one of the Family Planning Association's 21st Century Achievers and was nominated for the Our Bodies Ourselves Health Hero Award; in addition, health campaigns which Susan have worked on have won Pr Week Aware for Campaign of the Year and PR Week Award for Ethical Health Care.

Susan is delighted to be involved with Enduring Love?; in particular she brings her expertise in media strategy and in communicating relationship issues through print, broadcast, online and face-to-face channels. She looks forward to working with Meg Barker to reach the most effective possible audience for the project in both the short- and the long term.

Susan Quilliam's personal website

Meg-John Barker

Meg Barker

Meg-John is a senior lecturer in psychology at the Open University as well as being a qualified therapist working at the Lesbian and Gay Foundation. Meg-John's research and therapy work focuses on relationships and sexuality, including: the publication of edited books on non-monogamy and BDSM, co-editing the journal Psychology & Sexuality, running the BiUK group which recently produced The Bisexuality Report, co-organising the Critical Sexology seminar series, a key role in the work of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapy, and collaborating on the recent British Psychology Society report on working with sexual and gender minorities and co-authoring a related book for practitioners working across genders and sexualities.

Meg-John's work on relationships links well with the Enduring Love project, particularly the recent book, and related blog, Rewriting the Rules, which explores popular understandings of relationships and how these can be negotiated. Meg is highly involved with public engagement and will work with Susan Quilliam in informing this aspect of Enduring Love.

Meg-John Barker's personal website

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