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Our big day is coming

It's our big day on Monday, 16 January 2012, when we officially launch the Enduring Love? project. We will meet with our 12 Strategy Group members in the morning to discuss the dissemination of our future findings. After lunch, we're expecting 68 participants for the official launch. We're delighted to have been able to get three speakers from three different sectors. Speakers are going to be Annabel Burns, Deputy Director, Family Law and Relationship Support from the Department for Education, Kate Figes, writer and author of Couples: The truth and Prof Lynn Jamieson. What a draw! No wonder we're filling the large conference room.

My name is Martina Klett-Davies. I am the Research Associate on the Enduring Love? project and I will be writing a regular blog on our website about how we're getting on with the project. This is my first blog; ever. Thanks in advance for your all your comments and suggestions that you can email me to

Why don't you get your views on couple relationships heard and fill out our questionnaire? It will be live from Monday, 16. January 2012, the day of our launch. Deidre Sanders has promised to give it a mention in her Dear Deidre column in The Sun so we're preparing for an avalanche of responses. Did you know that The Sun has a daily circulation of almost 3 million people? …and it only takes 10 minutes to complete our questionnaire.

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