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eSTEeM Projects

eSTEeM is providing a mechanism for professional development through practice-based scholarship within a mentored community. Much of our work is organised on a project basis with project management aimed at the delivery of new educational outcomes and scholarship outputs. 

eSTEeM supports a rolling portfolio of approx. 80 active scholarship projects under a number of themes which include:

  • Access, Participation and Success
  • Innovative assessment
  • Online/onscreen STEM practice
  • Supporting students
  • Technologies for STEM learning

To learn more about our projects, please click on the project titles or use the search feature below by entering keywords. To search by the name of a project leader, please use the 'Filter by Project Leader' tab on the right-hand side of this page.

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Search results

    Impact of introducing new practical and dataset project options to the science undergraduate capstone project module (S390)

  1. Hannah GauciJulie RobsonJanette Wallace
  2. S390 is the undergraduate science capstone project module.

    April 2021 to June 2023

    Black student experience and attainment on S112: improving a level 1 STEM module

  3. Louise MacBrayneJennie Bellamy
  4. Winner of the 8th Best Poster Competition at the 12th eSTEeM Annual Conference, 19-20 April 2023.

    November 2020 to November 2023

    An evaluation of use and impact of zero grades in assessment; are we being consistent, fair, and transparent?

  5. Karen NewFiona Moorman
  6. Assessment is at the core of teaching and learning at the Open University.  It is used to measure student learning against institutional and AQA standards and, most importantly, assessment has a pivotal role in consolidating student understanding and in supporting progression along their learning

    June 2021 to December 2023

    Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on ethnic minority students’ study experience and awarding gap (A case study of Level 1 C&C Open University Modules)

  7. Dhouha KbaierSoraya Kouadri MostéfaouiAnnemarie Kane
  8. The aim of this project is to study, analyse and evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on ethnic minority students’ study experience and awarding gap at level 1 on the core modules in C&C.

    October 2021 to September 2023

    Evaluating Statistics anxiety across different qualifications

  9. Rachel Hilliam
  10. This project addresses findings that were suggested from the evaluation of the project “How one module can serve multiple

    April 2022 to December 2024

    Evaluating STEM/FBL APP Virtual Internship Scheme

  11. Diane ButlerAndrew PotterCatherine ComfortKristen Reid
  12. This study at The Open University in the United Kingdom examined the effectiveness of specifying internship opportunities for underrepresented student groups in two faculties.

    April 2022 to December 2022

    Evaluating the use of an Inclusive Curriculum Tool in STEM modules

  13. Diane ButlerAndrew Potter
  14. The development and implementation of the Inclusive Curriculum Tool (ICT) is one of a suite of measures the University is using to address issues around the degree awarding gaps which have been identified as priority areas in our Access and Participation Strategy (APS).

    May 2022 to December 2022

    Is the cost of home experiments a potential barrier to learning? Experiences from two level one science modules

  15. Louise MacBrayneZoë Chapman
  16. Practical work in the form of home experiments has always formed an integral part of the science curriculum, in particular at level one. The move, however, from printed materials to online delivery has been accompanied by a change in the way students are supported in home experiments.

    November 2022 to December 2023

    Investigation of widening participation and success in postgraduate technology and computing

  17. Donald EdwardsMark Slaymaker
  18. This project seeks to understand our current performance against EDI, widening participation and success (WPS) targets on postgraduate qualifications run by the schools of C&C and E&I, collectively Postgraduate Technology and Computing (PTC).

    November 2022 to November 2023