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eSTEeM Projects

eSTEeM is providing a mechanism for professional development through practice-based scholarship within a mentored community. Much of our work is organised on a project basis with project management aimed at the delivery of new educational outcomes and scholarship outputs. 

eSTEeM supports a rolling portfolio of approx. 80 active scholarship projects under a number of themes which include:

  • Access, Participation and Success
  • Innovative assessment
  • Online/onscreen STEM practice
  • Supporting students
  • Technologies for STEM learning

To learn more about our projects, please click on the project titles or use the search feature below by entering keywords. To search by the name of a project leader, please use the 'Filter by Project Leader' tab on the right-hand side of this page.

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    Evaluation of D-flag students accessibility to and use of online tutorials and forums in L2 modules

  1. Sarah DaniellLorraine Waters
  2. Attendance at online tutorials by LHCS students continues to be low.

    May 2020 to May 2024

    Investigation into running course specific taster tutorials within prisons for non-OU students

  3. Colin Blundell
  4. I am an AL in Maths and Engineering and have tutored in many prisons around the North of England. This has entailed visiting the prison education departments to see the relevant OU student.

    July 2020 to November 2023

    Understanding the mental health attainment gap in Design modules

  5. Nicole LotzMuriel Sippel
  6. Winner of the 7th eSTEeM Scholarship Projects of the Year Award 2024.

    Retention and attainment of students with a mental health disability on Design modules is poor compared to other qualifications in Engineering and Innovation, STEM.

    November 2020 to June 2023

    Exploring the extent of maths anxiety within the STEM Faculty at The Open University

  7. Sue Pawley
  8. Winner of the 6th Best Poster Competition at the 10th eSTEeM Annual Conference, 30 June -1 July 2021.

    November 2020 to December 2023

    Understanding the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic attainment gap at the OU by means of quantitative and qualitative data analytics

  9. Miriam FernandezMartin HlostaTracie Farrell
  10. Highly Commended at the 6th eSTEeM Scholarship Projects of the Year Awards 2023.

    November 2020 to August 2022

    Understanding factors influencing BAME students’ achievements within Engineering and Innovation

  11. Carol MorrisRachel Slater
  12. Students from BAME groups appear to perform less well than their white counterparts across all modules in E&I.

    October 2021 to December 2024

    Evaluating the increase in student wellbeing brought about by informal online sessions and computer generated worked examples on a level 3 pure maths module

  13. Hayley RyderTacey O'Neil
  14. Issue: student well-being and anxiety. Accessibility of tutorial type resources.

    Many students experiencing problems with abstract mathematics either already experience maths anxiety or develop it. They can also lack self-efficacy and mathematical resilience.

    November 2020 to September 2023

    Effective support for reflective writing: learning from improvers

  15. Cathy SmithCharlotte Lighter
  16. This report focusses on an in‐depth study of 12 students identified as ‘improvers’ in Mathematics Education modules.

    December 2020 to September 2023

    Barriers and enablers to higher education: the experiences of disabled students from minority cultural backgrounds

  17. Chris Corcoran
  18. This project will take an intersectional approach and examine the student experience from the combined perspectives of BAME and disability as many students fall into more than one of these categories: in 2019 there were 10,543 students registered in STEM of which 1,246 were BAME and 2,079 were re

    October 2021 to May 2024

    Decolonising Computing: A Resource for Educators

  19. Mustafa Ali
  20. Decolonising the curriculum (DTC) is a university-wide initiative within the broader decolonising the university (DTU) project overseen by the EDI Dean with mandate from the VC. The current focus of DTC work in the STEM faculty is on Level 1 modules in all schools.

    June 2021 to February 2023