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Fellowships 2024/25 Academic Year

Appendix:- Potential Fellowships Being Supported 2024/25 Academic Year

Please follow the appropriate links provided below to check your eligibility before selecting a particular scheme.

Early Career (< 5 years duration)


Web address

Demand management?

Other Notes

UKSA Aurora Fellowship

2024 Explo Science Announcement of Opportunity


 4pm 2nd May 2024

EPSRC postdoctoral

UK Research and Innovation


Limited to specific areas at different times.

May '24


Royal Commission Awards


Jan '24 - Currently closed

EU Marie Curie

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions


Sept 24

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship

Leverhulme Early-Career-Fellowships

Yes – University led

Jan' 25 Currently closed


Ras Awards-and-Grants Fellowships

Yes – School led (1 candidate)

Oct ‘24

Daphne Jackson Fellowship

Daphne Jackson

UKRI Return-to-research-support-bursary


3rd June 2024

Open but application takes ~ 12 months

Royal Society Newton International Research Fellowship

Royal Society Grants-schemes-awards Grants Newton-international


Spring ‘24

UK IC Postdoctoral Programme

UKIC Postdoctoral Research Fellowships


Jan ’24



Web address

Demand management?

Other Notes

EPSRC open

EPSRC UKRI Skills Fellows


May ‘24



NERC Independent Research Fellowship 2021

Yes – University level

Early Oct ‘23

Royal Society URF

Royal Society Grants-schemes-awards


July ‘25

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin

Royal Society Grants-schemes-awards University Research


Oct '23


Ernest Rutherford Fellowship

Yes – School led

[3 candidates]

Sept 21st '23


Future Leaders Fellowships: Round 9


25th June '24

Hawking Fellowship

Stephen Hawking Fellowship


March '24

Webb Fellowship

UKRI Webb Fellowship using the James Webb space telescope


Not currently open

ERC Starter

erc Funding starting grants


Not currently open Jan ’23

ERC Consolidator

erc Funding consolidator grants


Not currently open March ‘24

Leverhulme Research Leadership Awards

Leverhulme Research  Leadership Awards


Not currently open

Royal Academy of Engineering


Sept 23

EPSRC Quantum Technology Fellowship

UKRI Quantum Technology Career Development Fellowships


Not currently open (2023)

Senior Research Focused


Web address

Demand management?

Other Notes

EPSRC open

EPSRC UKRI Skills Fellows


28th Sept ’23

Royal Society Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship

Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship



Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship

Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship



ERC Advanced

erc Advanced Grants


Aug '24

Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowships

Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowships


Currently closed mid’23

Leverhulme International Fellowships

Leverhulme  International Fellowships


Currently closed April’23

Leverhulme International Professorships

Leverhulme International Professorships


22nd Nov 23 (Final Call)

Leverhulme Visiting Professorships

Leverhulme Visiting Professorships


5th Oct ‘ 23

2nd May ‘24

Royal Academy of Engineering

RAENG Research Chairs


7th Sept ‘23

Turing AI world-leading researcher

UKRI Turing ai world leading Researcher Fellowships: round two


7th Sept '23

Industry Overlap


Web address

Demand management?

Other Notes

Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Fellowships

RAENG Industrial  Fellowships


April 24

Public Engagement Fellowships


Web address

Demand management?

Other Notes

STFC Public Engagement Fellows

UKRI Lead public engagement with science technology and engineering


Currently closed

Expression of Interest Form

For those applying for fellowships in the 2024/25 academic year, download and complete an expression of interest (EOI) form.

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