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National Space Academy

The National Space Academy (NSA) is an organisation based at the National Space Centre in Leicester, the UK's largest visitor centre devoted solely to space and astronomy. In addition to running this centre, which attracts over a quarter of a million visitors each year, the NSA runs a series of programmes for both students and teachers using space science as a basis for lessons in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, geography and applied science at GCSE, A-Level and BTEC.  

Through the NSA's network of Lead educators, located throughout the country, it is able to run intensive professional development courses for teachers in order to boost the effectiveness of science teaching in the UK. The dates of some of these events can be found in the events section.

In addition, the NSA runs numerous student masterclasses throughout the year at the National Space Centre in Leicester, at Harwell in Oxfordshire and at individual schools. These are full-day intensive courses focused on the science curriculum at various levels from key stage 3-5.

As a pioneering mission, Rosetta will be the focus of a significant proportion of the NSA's outreach efforts.

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