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The UK is a leading force in the global space sector and the breadth of UK industrial expertise, from hardware and software development to operations and training, is evident in every aspect of the Rosetta mission.

Airbus Defence and Space

Airbus Defence and Space, based in Stevenage, was a major subcontractor for the Rosetta mission providing the spacecraft platform.

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CGI Group

Formerly LogicaCMG UK; supported the mission design phase with studies into long mission lifetimes and produced elements of the on-board software.


Designed and supplied high performance imaging devices used in the Navigation Camera, OSIRIS narrow field and wide field cameras and VITRIS-M instruments on the orbiter and ROLIS and CIVA on the lander


European Space Tribology Laboratory (ESTL) supported the development of many of the mechanical systems for the mission and designed and supplied the lubricant for the atomic force microscope on the MIDAS instrument.


Formerly Polyflex Space Ltd; developed the helium storage tanks for the Ptolemy instrument and supplied the values for Rosetta’s propulsion system.

RAL Space

Co-developed the Ptolemy instrument as well as designing and supplying the thermal insulation for the GIADA and VIRTIS instruments and the Philae lander as a whole.

ABSL Space Products

Designed and supplied the lithium-ion batteries used on both the Rosetta spacecraft and Philae lander.


Developed the ground control software systems for the mission and support the flight dynamics planning of the mission including the fly-bys, comet approach and landing.

Telespazio VEGA

Formerly VEGA; developed the mission simulator used to train ESA Operations engineers and co-developed many of the spacecraft, lander and instrument sub-systems.


Developed the momentum wheel for the Philae lander that will help ensure it stays stable during its descent to the comet surface.