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Fees and funding

We offer a wide range of funding and flexible payment options and we keep our fees as low as possible. Over half of our students in Scotland qualify for the Part-Time Fee Grant, which covers undergraduate course fees. We believe cost shouldn't be a barrier to achieving your potential and are confident we can help you find an option to fit your circumstances.

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Part-Time Fee Grant

You may be eligible to study for free if you live in Scotland and your personal income is less than £25k. 

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Help with other costs

We have a range of financial support available, such as help with study-related costs and the Disabled Students' Allowance.

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Other ways to pay

If you're not eligible for financial support we have a range of other payment options available. 

If you’d prefer to talk through your options:

If you haven’t applied or studied with us yet visit new student enquiries or call 0300 303 5303

If you’ve already applied, or are studying with us log in to StudentHome for your personalised contact details.

British Sign Language (BSL) users can also contact us directly through Contact Scotland BSL's video relay service.