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Meet our students and alumni

The Open University in Scotland provides supported open learning to over 19,500 students across the country. Our flexible programmes and wide range of qualifications enable learners to choose a study route that best suits them. Meet some of our students and alumni below.

Jane Burnett

Jane, Edinburgh

GP Jane achieved a distinction in her Master of Arts in Creative Writing, started during the COVID-19 pandemic and completed whilst she underwent cancer treatment. Jane is now working on her first novel plus a memoir.

Vitalis Mumbure

Vitalis, Paisley

Zimbabwean refugee Vitalis’ degree has enabled a new career in social work. During his flexible studies Vitalis also juggled part-time work and being the main carer for his youngest daughter who has cerebral palsy. 

Stuart Borland, pictured in Oban. Photo by Neil Hanna.

Stuart, Argyll and Bute

Stuart gained a new job in an accountancy practice during his Business Studies degree, changing career from the hospitality sector. The OU's flexibility also allowed Stuart to balance changes in family life. Studies were funded by a Part-Time Fee Grant. Stuart's sights are set on becoming a Chartered Accountant. 

Soraya Macdonald - photo by Julie Howden

Soraya, the Highlands

Soraya is a career changer whose goal is to become an educational psychologist. She is now using her OU Psychology degree as a springboard to further study. Soraya had put university on hold after leaving school to travel the world as cabin crew. She combined her OU studies with family commitments and work.

Genuine Mwasha - photo by Julie Howden

Genuine, Edinburgh

Law graduate Genuine was inspired to start his charity to help orphans, street children and Tanzania’s poorest during his degree. Studies were Part-Time Fee Grant funded, and learnings were applicable to Genuine’s job as a university safeguarding officer as he progressed. 

Lois Gaffney

Lois, Shetland

Adult Nursing degree graduate Lois was able to upskill while working in healthcare support at an island hospital, and to remain with her family during her studies. Lois is the winner of a Royal College of Nursing Scotland student nurse of the year award.

Duncan Wright

Duncan, Glasgow

Duncan, a former laboratory technician at a college, has an OU Masters in Science and is continuing his OU postgraduate studies with Astrophysics and Space Science. The university’s accessibility was an important factor for Duncan. 

OU graduate Jasmine Bunting

Jasmine, Scottish Borders

Sport, Fitness and Coaching graduate Jasmine is a Mental Heath and Wellbeing for Sport Project Co-ordinator. The OU’s flexibility was important to Jasmine, who has dyslexia. She could also build her career and care for family while studying.

Carol Hunter - photo by Neil Hanna

Carol, Dunfermline

Carol’s college qualification was a springboard to her OU undergraduate degree, and she then gained an OU Masters degree. Overcoming challenges, Carol now inspires others, including those also with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and adoptive backgrounds. 

OU graduate Jade Taylor, pictured in her graduation gown

Jade, Hawick

Jade was awarded credit transfer and completed her Social Sciences degree at home in the Scottish Borders with the OU, after being poised to quit her studies at a city university. Jade is now doing an OU Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work.