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Statistical Genetics

Comparrision of features of Neanderthal and modern humans from Europe and East Asia


Statistical Genetics is a fast-growing area of research, aided by modern technologies for genetic sequencing which can generate large amounts of data in a short time, and high-performance computing techniques making the analysis of vast amounts of genetic data possible.

Sub-topics of statistical genetics include medical genetics, genetic association study, genomics, computational biology, population genetics, ancient DNA, and ancestry estimation.

Some examples of research topics in statistical genetics by members of the group are:

  • Genome-wide association studies (GWAS)
  • Heritability analysis
  • Phenotype prediction
  • Forensic reconstruction
  • Gene-gene interaction
  • Population genetics of Latin America
  • Ancestry estimation in South Asia
  • Detecting signals of natural selection
  • Climatic adaptation
  • Evolution of skin colour

The forensic reconstruction research of Dr Kaustubh Adhikari was featured in the BBC documentary Beauty: DNA+

Some popular science articles written by members of the group: