Book List, Archive, Nollywood Project

Nollywood Archive Book List

The following Books are housed in the Ferguson Centre's Archive.

Please note the following list will be updated regularly.

  1. 2003 African Video Film Today, Foluke Ogunleye (Ed), AP Academic Publishers Swaziland, ISBN: 0-7978-2931-8
  2. 2005 Nollywood Le phenomene video au Nigeria, Pierre Barrot, L/Harmattan ISBN: 2-7475-7971-9.
  3. 2000 Nigerian Video Films, Jonathan Haynes (Ed), Ohio University Centre for International Studies, ISBN: 0-89680-211-6
  4. 2007 The Nigerian Film & Video Phenomenon, Special publication by Nigerian Film Corporation Nigerian Film Corporation
  5. 1996 Littérature et cinéma en Afrique francophone, Ousmane Sembéne et Assia Djebar, L'Harmattan, ISBN: 2-7384-4875-5
  6. 2004 Focus on African Films, Francoise Pfaff, Indianna University Press, ISBN: 0-253-21668-0-9000
  7. 2003 Africa Shoots Back: Alternative Perspectives in Sub-Saharan Francophone African films, Melissa Thackway, James Currey Ltd, ISBN: 0-253-21642-7
  8. 2000 The Generation of Plays, Karin Barber, Indianna University Press, ISBN: 0-253-21617-6
  9. 2000 African Cinemas Decolonizing the Gaze, Olivier Barlet, Zed Books, ISBN: 1-85649-743-7