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Management and Leadership

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These free resources are organised into categories aligned to the College of Policing Curriculum and in agreement with police experts. You can study them at any time and anywhere.

Select the duration of study below and you will be taken to resources that match that duration

1-7 Hours of study More than 7 hours of study

1-7 hours of study

Discovering development management

This course sets out to build up the basic capacities for managing the multiple challenges of development. It rests on the assumption that management is a political and ethical process, a matter of the use of power to bring about desired goals in contexts characterised by conflicts of interests, values and agendas.

Type of activity: Course

Lead and manage change in health and social care

Change is everywhere in health and social care work and can evoke a variety of emotions, from excitement and eager anticipation, to fear and outright hostility. In this course you will explore and appreciate more fully the role of managers in the change process, understand the skills required for managing and leading change, along with outlining a personal change management strategy in your own workplace. 

Type of activity: Course

Motivation and factors affecting motivation

This course explores the term 'motivation' and factors affecting motivation. This includes looking at the most influential theories of motivation that contribute to understanding the causes of motivation. The motivation of sports people and people working in sport and fitness environments are used to help understand the theories presented.

Type of activity: Course

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More than 7 hours of study

Implementing the project

Day-to-day monitoring of a project is essential to ensure that work is progressing according to the plan, and it will often be necessary to review and revise the plan as circumstances change. This course will introduce some of the key techniques that help managers to monitor and control projects, and consider what approaches work best in particular circumstances.

Type of activity: Course

Integrated safety, health and environmental management: An introduction 

Life is full of risk. In this introductory course 'risk' describes the probability and consequences of harm or, at worst, disaster. Risk management involves many stakeholders and integrated management systems help to ensure that safety, quality, environmental and business risks are all managed correctly. The course also looks at emergency preparedness, that is, the management of emergencies and disasters.

Type of activity: Course

Management and Leadership: Growing as a Manager

This free online course provides an introduction to the foundation skills and knowledge that you need when becoming a manager. It defines the concepts of management and leadership, and explores the different management and learning styles. The course is designed for new or aspiring managers, who wish to supplement their experience with formal training and support their continuing professional development.

Type of activity: Course

Management and Leadership: Leading a Team

This course is all about what’s core to leading and managing in organisations. Building relationships with interested groups and people is important. So too is time spent on planning. Without the right person performing as well as they can, plans don’t get off the ground. So building, supporting, growing and developing a team is much of what leading and managing is all about. 

Type of activity: Course

Managing and managing people

This course will introduce you to the world of management. We will be looking at a range of topics, including what managers do, what skills they require, and how you can develop as a manager. You will also gain an understanding of managerial effectiveness and be able to understand the importance of time managed along with the cause of stress in managerial life 

Type of activity: Course

Project management: the start of the project journey

This course introduces projects; what they are and how they come about as a result of ideas, responses to problems and planning. It explores the role of key players including the project manager, how feasibility studies are conducted, the use of decision making tools, and looks at various ways of organising the life cycle of projects. 

Type of activity: Course

Working in groups and teams

Being able to work with people so that the right things happen is a core management skill, requiring leadership and group facilitation. This course explores team working from start to finish. It looks at how successful teams are created, roles within a team, the life cycle of a team, how to manage conflict within teams and evaluating team performance. 

Type of activity: Course

Workplace learning with coaching and mentoring

You will consider theoretical and practical issues in planning and managing learning and talent development programmes in your organisation. You will explore ideas about coaching and mentoring. You will learn how different learning theories and philosophies become concrete in the practical decisions you make about learning and talent development. 

Type of activity: Course