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Religion and Culture

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These free resources are organised into categories aligned to the College of Policing Curriculum and in agreement with police experts. You can study them at any time and anywhere.

Select the duration of study below and you will be taken to resources that match that duration

An hour or less of study 1-7 Hours of study More than 7 hours of study

An hour or less of study

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1-7 hours of study

Religion Today: Track 1

Religion is a powerful force in today’s world, as almost any newspaper or news broadcast will make clear. Inextricably linked with nationalism, popular culture, social norms and the lives of individuals, it touches almost every area of public and private life. Through a selection of video and audio podcast you can examine many of the most exciting and controversial issues in religion today. 

Type of activity: Learning resource

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More than 7 hours of study

Introducing the philosophy of religion

In this course you will consider the meanings of the key terms ‘God’ and ‘religion’; identify some key questions in the philosophy of religion; think about the difference between philosophical and non-philosophical questions about religion; and look at the often-discussed question of whether argument and evidence are even possible when we are thinking about religion. 

Type of activity: course

The social in social science

Social scientific study examines how we produce things, communicate, govern ourselves and understand our environments, and how to solve the problems we face in the organisation of social relations and processes. This course provides an overview of how social science contains deeply embedded cultural assumptions, and outlines the important relationship between philosophical thinking and practical research methods.

Type of activity: Course

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