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Skills for Learning

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These free resources are organised into categories aligned to the College of Policing Curriculum and in agreement with police experts. You can study them at any time and anywhere.

Select the duration of study below and you will be taken to resources that match that duration

An hour or less of study 1-7 Hours of study More than 7 hours of study

An hour or less of study

Note taking in relation to the Social Sciences

Do you find it difficult to know what is important when taking notes? This course will enable you to decide the value of taking notes and improve your understanding of the methods that can be used. It is based on listening to an audio file that contains a discussion between academics for a course on Social Policy. 

Type of activity: Course

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1-7 hours of study

An introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER)

In this free course you will get to know more about open educational resources (OER), which can be used on their own or shared socially. You will get a flavour of how different OER initiatives design and present the content for their audiences, and have the opportunity to find, discuss and redesign some OER material. You can choose your audience for the material and redesign it to fit their needs.

Type of activity: Course

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More than 7 hours of study

Basic science: understanding numbers

This practical, hands-on course will help you to start thinking like a scientist, by using numbers to describe and understand the natural world. No longer will you be put off by averages or percentages, you’ll even learn to love negative numbers. The course will introduce all the main skills you'll need to understand and communicate scientific numbers, relate them to the real world, and share your discoveries with other learners.

Type of activity: Course

Getting Started with Online Learning

Are you considering studying online? In this course you will find out what online learning is and what it can offer you. You’ll discover the skills required for online study and evaluate your own study skillset. You’ll also examine how students form online communities and how they benefit from flexible study through the support of dedicated tutors. You are expected to spend 3 hours a week over this 8-week course

Type of activity: Course

Succeed with maths - Part 1

If you feel that maths is a mystery that you want to unravel then this course is for you. The course will guide you through how numbers are put together, give you confidence with using percentages, fractions and negative numbers and provide you with problem solving skills for your everyday life and the wider world.

Type of activity: Course

Succeed with maths - Part2

Following on from Succeed with maths - Part 1, this badged course continues to develop your mathematical knowledge and skills using everyday examples. It will guide you through measurement, roots, and properties of shapes, before finally turning to tables, charts and graphs. It provides a solid foundation for you to continue with studies in any subject which requires some degree of mathematical knowledge. 

Type of activity: Course

Teaching and learning tricky topics

As a teacher, educator or trainer, do you often think, I just don’t understand why they don’t understand?

Learning should be transformative, and this course will unlock your full potential, using a practice-based learning tool to help identify the barriers in students' understanding.

Through the first three weeks you will be focusing on the background to tricky topics and how to apply the process to your practice. Weeks 4–5 will focus on the role of learning design and how to use this approach with tricky topics, and the final three weeks will help you to look at the wider picture of using tricky topics and learning design to help innovate, assess and embed your understanding with others. Moreover, it will be outlined how you can become a champion for these processes.

Type of activity: Course

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