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Studying a postgraduate qualification can improve your knowledge and skills, enhance your CPD, and help develop you career prospects. The Open University has a variety of OU Postgraduate Qualifications that can suit your professional interests and match your available study time. These range from Postgraduate Certificates, Diplomas and Masters Degree Qualifications.


OU Postgraduate Qualifications

The OU offers three types of Postgraduate qualifications: a Postgraduate Certificate, a Postgraduate Diploma and a Masters Degree. The flexible structure for these qualifications enables you to study for a Certificate, then count it towards a Diploma and stop there, or carry on towards a Masters. Each award is a valuable qualification in its own right, and will help you take your career to the next level.

A selection of OU Postgraduate Certificates that are appropriate to the police are shown below:

Postgraduate Certificate
Postgraduate Diploma
Masters Degree


Postgraduate Certificates (PGCert)

Mode: Part-time
Time: 1 Year
Credits: 60

A Postgraduate Certificate is the first step on the way to a Masters Degree. Although it is a valuable qualification in its own right, it is an ideal qualification for professional and career development.

Postgraduate Diplomas (PGDip)

Mode: Part-time
Time: 1 Year
Credits: 120

A Postgraduate Diploma can deepen your academic, technical knowledge and skills, providing a boost to your professional career. This widely recognised qualification is equivalent to two thirds of a Masters Degree.

Masters Degree (MA/MSc/MBA)

Mode: Part-time
Time: 3 Years

A Masters Degree is a universal, internationally respected qualification that can enhance your career prospects. Obtaining a Masters Qualification provides the necessary progression route to a PhD Research Degree.

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