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2023 Annual Report

This annual report features a selection of the work undertaken across 2023 which we consider to be highly relevant for the current policing environment. We have developed core specialisms in areas such as police professionalism, learning and development, violence against women and girls, police wellbeing and demand management to name but a few.

15th May 2024

Launch of Openlearn Policing Practice and Leadership Hub

The new Openlearn Policing Practice and Leadership Hub is now fully available for members to use. Openlearn is our learning platform that offers open access free learning resources. 

These resources range from short articles & podcasts through to structured online courses that typically take 2-6 hours to complete.

14th May 2024

Ten-years of Policing at the OU

2024 marks 10 years of Policing at the OU, including the launch of the Centre for Policing Research and Learning.

To celebrate the many achievements in research, partnership, learning, education and knowledge into practice, CPRL are having an exciting schedule of online and in- person events throughout the year.

5th April 2024

Launch of CPRL Small Grants Pilot Scheme: Testing Policing Innovations

As announced at the CPRL Membership Group meeting on Thursday 07 March we are delighted to have launched the CPRL Small Grants Pilot Scheme following approval at the membership group meeting in December 2023.

26th March 2024

New course launched on “Understanding PCSO powers”

The Department for Policing have recently launched Understanding PCSO powers, a new course on OpenLearn, The Open University's free online learning platform.

14th March 2024

CPRL Collaborative dates for your diary

In November we reported on the launch of the new CPRL Collaborative Launch of CPRL Collaborative to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and research across the OU with CPRL members | Centre for Policing Research and Learning ( We are pleased to include the programme for the year below, which is open to both OU academics interested in research issues relevant to policing and to CPRL policing partners.  

28th February 2024

Government backs new pet abduction law in pet theft crackdown

A new criminal offence for pet abduction has taken a significant step forward on 19 January 2024 with the announcement of government backing for new legislation. 


8th February 2024

We need your help to improve investigator welfare and outcomes for victim-survivors in rape and serious sexual offence (RASSO) investigations

As part of Operation Soteria Bluestone we are deploying our highly successful Learning & Wellbeing Survey again in February 2024 to understand your perspectives on a range of issues related to your force’s current learning and development (L&D) approaches to equipping you with the knowledge and skills to undertake or support RASSO investigations.

1st February 2024

Launch of article series on trauma-informed investigation of rape and serious sexual offences

We are delighted to announce the launch of a series of articles on the Open University’s ‘Open Learn’ site about the Trauma-Informed investigation of rape and serious sexual offences (RASSO).

28th January 2024

Can a virtual reality courtroom be a useful learning tool?

Dr Ahmed Kadry and Simon Hull, who both work in the Department for Policing at The Open University (OU), have recently finished a project that evaluated OU policing apprentice's experiences of learning in a virtual reality (VR) courtroom.

4th December 2023

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